Int J Dent Mater 2019; 1(1)


Seasonal greetings to all

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the first issue of International Journal of Dental Materials (IJDM), an open access peer reviewed journal. The aim of this journal is to provide a platform for the researchers from various disciplines to showcase the findings of research on dental materials. Though we find innumerable journals for materials science, there are very few journals dedicated to dental materials. The advancements in the multidisciplinary specialty of dental materials are rapidly progressing with the introductions of new materials and techniques in different areas of dentistry at a rapid pace. A good quality evidence based research governs the success of innovations in Dental Materials Science and IJDM will strive to support such practices by facilitating free and open access to the literature of researchers, academicians and clinicians in this field.

IJDM invites manuscripts from various dental specialties that focus on the aim and scope of the journal. Our goal is to encourage international collaboration among researchers to submit genuine and pioneering research articles for publication. In addition, we also promote, explore and propagate the concepts of young researchers by publishing their research.

IJDM was initiated to recognize scientists in the field of Dental Materials Science and to share their findings with the broader scientific community. Our editorial team is committed to get the journal indexed in various indexing databases and therefore achieve global recognition by selectively publishing high quality journal articles.

At the outset, I value your exceptional contributions for empowering knowledge in the field of Dental Material Science. I strongly believe that potential research contributions will be advantageous to those working in this field and I confidently trust that this will enhance the quality of our Journal. Furthermore, they also offer budding investigators with the ambition to explicate their concepts in emerging fields.

My special thanks to the authors for their contribution and also our editorial board members, reviewers for their timely response and cooperation to release the first issue of IJDM. I am confident that IJDM will reach to the best position in its field with your enormous support and research contributions.

Rama Krishna Alla


International Journal of Dental Materials