Prosthetic rehabilitation of hemi mandibulectomy Patient with a definitive prosthesis - a case report


  • Doddy Lokanathan Balaji NTR University & Health Sciences, vijayawada
  • Sesha Reddy P Government Dental College



Hemi mandibulectomy, Cast partial denture prosthesis, Resected ameloblastoma, fibular bone graft, Putty body impression material


“Often the loss reveals the value of things”. Surgical removal of odontogenic tumors in the posterior region of mandible leads to discontinuity of mandible. Prosthetic rehabilitation is a successful treatment modality to reconstructive surgeries. Mandibular resection leads to deviated mandibular movements, disfigurement, facial profile asymmetry, dysphagia, impaired speech and, deviation of the mandible towards the surgical site. Treatment modality for oral rehabilitation of patients with mandibular resection includes maxillomandibular fixation, implant-supported prosthesis, removable mandibular guide flange prosthesis, and twin occlusion prosthesis. One of the treatment options for the mandibular defect is Cast partial denture prosthesis, whereas surgical reconstruction by implants and grafts is always not feasible in every patient. This clinical report describes rehabilitation of Cantor and Curtis class III mandibular defect using cast partial denture prosthesis following hemi mandibulectomy.

Author Biography

Sesha Reddy P, Government Dental College

Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, Government Dental College, Kadapa