Exploring Best Fit - Dental Materials for CAD/CAM


  • Payal Singh NIMS University




Dental CAD/CAM material, CAD/CAM technology, Metal, Ceramics, Zirconia, Crystalline glass ceramics, Lithium disilicate ceramics (LDS), Leucite based Glass Ceramics, Yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide-based ceramic, Resin, PMMA, Resin Composites, Nanoceramics, PICN (Polymer Infiltrated Ceramic Network Material)


With the extensive research and investment in CAD/CAM technology, the available options of machinery, as well as dental materials, are growing day by day. To find the best fit, one must have a thorough understanding of what material and process are apt for a particular situation, and one should also keep oneself updated with the latest findings and products provided by various manufacturers. With the new technology coming in, cost becomes a significant factor in deciding the right material. There are plenty of options, but the question is 'are these options scalable in terms of manufacturing at scale and low cost?’. We would try to explore the options available in the market and the ones that are in the pipeline in the document. Three factors affecting the decision are strength, aesthetic quality and cost. Necessity is to find that fine balance among these three as per the clinical situation.






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