Fiber reinforced composite and surface coated esthetic archwires: a review

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Harsha GVD
Anoosha M
Pradeep K
Padmapriya CV
Ravi Varma M
Usha Sree RS


Orthodontic treatment has undergone a drastic transformation for a few years. Many patients present with a set of challenges to orthodontists in terms of esthetics while undergoing orthodontic treatment. The introduction of composite & ceramic brackets has led to the development of esthetic archwires to meet the increased demand for esthetics during orthodontic treatment. This article discusses various widely used esthetic archwires used in orthodontic treatment.

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GVD, H., M, A., K, P., CV, P., M, R. V., & RS, U. S. (2020). Fiber reinforced composite and surface coated esthetic archwires: a review. International Journal of Dental Materials, 1(3), 85–88. (Original work published December 31, 2019)
Author Biographies

Harsha GVD, Vishnu Dental College

Senior Lecturer, Department of Orthodontics, Vishnu Dental College

Anoosha M, Vishnu Dental College

Reader, Department of Orthodontics, Vishnu Dental College

Pradeep K, Vishnu Dental College

Senior Lecturer, Department of Orthodontics, Vishnu Dental College

Padmapriya CV, Vishnu Dental College

Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Vishnu Dental College

Ravi Varma M, Vishnu Dental College

Senior Lecturer, Department of Orthodontics, Vishnu Dental College

Usha Sree RS, Vishnu Dental College

Senior Lecturer, Department of Orthodontics, Vishnu Dental College


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