Published: 2022-02-06

Comparison between the in-vitro cytotoxicity of three different multilayer thermoplastic clear aligner materials


Spencer Marsh, Ravikumar Anthony, Blair Barnett, Chen Shou, Kristin Saunders

Volume 4; Issue 1 (2022) 312 Pdf 137

Comparative evaluation of remaining dentin thickness with three different rotary Ni-Ti File systems: an in vitro CBCT study


P Durga Bhavani, M Sita Rama Kumar, Girija S Sajjan, K Madhu Varma, R Kalyan Satish, B Manishaa

Volume 4; Issue 1 (2022) 255 Pdf 198

WHO/MOHFW - Guidelines to practice prosthodontics and implant procedures during COVID-19 pandemic


Ramesh Sukhitha, A Leoney, Seyed Asharaf Ali

Volume 4; Issue 1 (2022) 64 Pdf 80

Resin-bonded fixed partial denture as a cost-effective prosthesis for missing maxillary lateral incisor in a cleft lip and palate patient: a case report


Sunil Rayavarapu, Suresh Sajjan MC, Satyanarayana Raju Mantena , D Bheemalingeswara Rao, Budumuru Anil, Yekula Prem Sagar

Volume 4; Issue 1 (2022) 65 Pdf 77