Published: 2021-05-15

Evaluation of the tear strength, compressive resistance, and surface hardness of three commercially available bite registration materials: an in vitro study

Volume 3 Issue 2: April-May 2021
A Hariprasad, Trailokya Narayan Dhir Samant, HS Mohammed, M Anand, Syeda Ayesha


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Repair bond strength of aged resin composite using different surface treatments and bonding protocols

Volume 3 Issue 2: April-May 2021
Pydiahnaidu Bandaru, Nagesh Bolla, Rupadevi Garlapati, Sayesh Vemuri, Yamini Bandaru


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Obstructive sleep apnea: oral appliances and materials

Volume 3 Issue 2: April-May 2021
Srilekha Cheruku, Chalapathi Rao Duggineni, G Harilal, Pavani Lukka


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Route maps for implant positioning: a review

surgical templates for implant placement

Volume 3 Issue 2: April-May 2021
Manaswini Draksharapu, Chalapathi Rao Duggineni, C Ravi Kumar, G Harilal


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